Alaska’s Premier Petroleum Distributor
We pride ourselves on offering quality products, competitive prices and outstanding customer service.

Alaska’s Premier Petroleum Distributor

Crew Devlin Award PastolikDelta Western, Inc. (DWI) was formed in 1985 through the acquisition of former Chevron Petroleum terminal facilities in several of Alaska’s coastal communities. Those facilities formed the foundation for the company’s growth, and Saltchuk acquired the petroleum supplier in late 2000. Alaska lubricant jobber Inlet Petroleum Company (IPC) was formed in the mid 1980s as a result of a similar Chevron divestiture and was acquired by Saltchuk in 2005.

In January 2014 Delta Western, Inc. and Inlet Petroleum merged, forming the largest independent distributor of fuel and lubricants in Alaska, doing business as Delta Western Petroleum. With the best customer service in the business, the company has become a household name in over 250 Alaskan communities.

To complement the 10 petroleum terminal facilities and multiple lubricant warehouses DWP operates a fleet of eight barges, and over 100 fuel and package product trucks. Delta Western Petroleum distributes over 130 million gallons of petroleum products throughout all of Alaska, including Southeast, Central and Western Alaska, the Aleutian Chain and Pribilof Islands. It also services the Railbelt highway system between Homer and the North Slope, with wholesale, commercial, and retail channels of fuel and lubricants. Combining assets, personnel and resources of these two Alaskan-grown companies allows us greater efficiencies and improved customer service for all of Alaska.

The company’s core belief is that there is no task so important that an employee must violate a safety rule or procedure, or take a risk of injury or illness to get the job done. At any time, every employee has the ability to shut down any operation if she or he feels it is unsafe. Our Safety Management System includes continuous improvement, employee involvement at all levels, and aligning employee goals with company goals.

It is DWP’s policy to operate in the safest and most environmentally responsible manner possible. Facilities have oil spill contingency plans approved by the U.S. Coast Guard, the State of Alaska, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The company’s care for the environment is evident in the rigorous steps we take to prevent spills and the readiness of our teams to respond in the event of any environmental incident.

DWP travels waterways throughout Alaska to service some of the most remote communities in the state. The company safely navigates unique and challenging river and weather conditions. It is a lifeline to these locations, delivering a whole year’s supply of heating fuel, power generation fuel, unleaded gasoline, and lubricants. Lubricants are also distributed throughout the state from our distribution facilities, freight barge, and trucks on the Railbelt highway system.

DWP is proud of its partnership with the Alaskan communities, and understands that without their unwavering support the past 30 years, success would not have been possible. DWP gives back to the communities it serves by supporting many charitable organizations, including donating $150,000 in scholarships for local high school students. Additionally, each of our remote sites supports charitable organizations through mentoring, volunteerism, and fundraising, making a personal difference in the communities they serve.

Through its commitment and expertise, DWP has become a leader in reliable services, quality products, and environmentally sound practices. Understanding our customers’ needs complements the company’s commitment to be the best business partner to all Alaskan communities. We strive to honor that partnership, and consistently grow our value to each and every community. To those we have yet to serve, we will appreciate the opportunity to do so.