Safety First
Our team is committed to the safety of our customers, our employees and the environment.

Safety Is Our Commitment

Delta Western Petroleum is committed to the safety of our customers, employees and the environment. We take pride in our qualified and trained employees, maintaining safe operations, eliminating hazards, and complying with all company safety rules. Every employee is responsible for actively identifying ways to make our company a safer place to work. Safety is our primary goal.

Spill Prevention

As part of Delta Western Petroleum’s environmental policy, we strive to operate in the safest and most environmentally responsible manner possible. We comply with all regulatory requirements and operate in a manner that provides the highest environmental protection possible. All of our facilities have Oil Spill Contingency Plans approved by the United States Coast Guard, Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Delta Western Petroleum has developed an Oil Spill Prevention and Response Training Program, which has been approved by the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation. We are an active member in the SEAPRO oil spill response organization in Southeast Alaska as well as the Chadux Oil spill response organization in Western Alaska.

Our training program provides hazardous waste operations, incident command, oil spill response, hazard communications, security, fire response, and wildlife response training. Along with a standardization of the response equipment used at the facilities and a company-wide oil transfer and response communications system, this process results in a greater ability of Delta Western Petroleum personnel to respond to spills.

Read tips about spill prevention for residential heating oil systems in the ADEC pamphlet on Home Heating Oil Spill Prevention (PDF).