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Oil Analysis

Oil analysis is an industry-recognized tool to help you monitor the condition of a piece of machinery, from an automotive engine to a million dollar main line turbine generator. Our goal is to supply you with the products, analysis and information to help reduce your equipment operating costs.

The Value of Oil Analysis

Oil Analysis is a key component in a proactive or predictive maintenance program.? The process includes analysis of the machine or component, establishing a baseline of data, and creating limits.? The analysis helps to prevent expensive catastrophic failures, and allow you to schedule downtime for equipment maintenance so repair doesn’t interfere with production time.

Complimentary to your analysis program, Delta Western Petroleum? monitors all customer test results and reviews abnormal or critical results with a follow up phone call to the customer.

Which Oil Analysis System is Right for Me?

The correct oil analysis system is dependent on the type of component you are testing.? A Delta Western Petroleum specialist can help you determine the correct test procedures for your specific equipment needs.

How Do I Get Started??

Contact a specialist and we will set up an appointment to discuss your needs and help you establish a program. We will work with your service technicians, manufacturers and laboratory personnel to help establish the proper test slate for your equipment.